An elite group specializes in dealing
with advanced cyber threat actors and providing
tailor-made solutions for organizations

What makes us unique


Professionalism is our guiding principle and we choose the most suitable experts for every mission.
Ocano experts are veterans of Israeli intelligence cyber units, with over 12 years of experience.
Proven ability in executing cyber operations and dealing with advanced threat actors from around the world.


The reality on the cyber battlefield is changing rapidly with no two similar organizations.
Threats and needs are unique to every organization and there is no “silver bullet”.
Ocano team uses creative thinking and tailor-made solutions to address these complex challenges.


Our customers are our partners.
Each project is carried out in full coordination and transparency with the client, from the planning stage to the execution, while presenting the considerations in the decision making, as well as providing an explanation of the actions taken and the findings.


Threat Hunting

Relying on our rich experience in sophisticated threat detection, we will assess your environment in order to answer the question - “Am I already breached?”

Penetration Testing

Identifying and repairing security vulnerabilities will help you reduce the attack surface and increase your sturdiness against future exploitation.

Incident Response

Our experts team will quickly arrive evaluating the scope of the intrusion, take actions to contain the attack and provide recommendations.

Security Consultancy

Our experts are here to leverage their rich experience in the cyber field to provide additional solutions for any unique need your organization may come across.


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We would like to present our services and let you know what we can do to help.